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Goodbye Clutter! specializes in clearing the clutter for clients. If we can also de-clutter the environment, it’s a bonus. Here are a few of our favourite products, services and people to help you create a greener, cleaner and more organized world.

Moving? Vancouver In The Box offers organized packing services…

  • Vancouver In The box, a top notch Vancouver company offering packing services, taking the stress out of moving by providing by packing your entire household in one day. They pack, so you can relax.

Want to reduce car clutter on the road? Try Modo!

  • Join Modo and pick up the keys to 700+ cars, trucks, vans, hybrids, EVs… Vancouver’s original car sharing cooperative and first car-share co-op in North America. Modo keeps our roads and air cleaner. Fewer cars = less traffic clutter. Plus reduced costs. A member since 2002, we use Modo to take away your clutter. Join Modo with my referral code REF61NTBPZL and I’ll thank you with chocolate!

Great local non-profits to give your clutter to:

  • Advocates of zero waste, eco-fashion and the thrift movement, My Sister’s Closet enables access to beautiful new and second-hand clothing. Revenue generated helps fund violence prevention and intervention services operated by Battered Women’s Support Services. How could we not love supporting ending violence against women by donating our unused or gently used items from our closets?
  • Our Social Fabric accepts fabrics and sewing notions. Dedicated to keeping fabrics out of landfill.

Easy to use companies who help sell or reduce your clutter:

  • CleanStart takes it all away! This social enterprise provides junk removal, hoarding clean up, pest control and more. Their mandate is to provide professional services while offering employment to people who have barriers to employment, such as poverty and disability.
  • • If you are clearing an estate, call Clint at Space Lab first to identify items of value. Space Lab is an antique store in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, containing one-of-a-kind industrial antiques, hand picked by legendary Vancouver antique dealer Clint Moroz. Knowledgeable and entertaining, Clint works as a generalist, helping people find even better resources if he can’t help.
  • Downsizing an estate, or selling the contents of a home? MaxSold make it easy by cataloging your unwanted items, hosting an online auction, arranging pick up, and helping you make money while reducing your ‘stuff’.
  • Need a cleaner to help you keep your home in it’s newly decluttered state? Let High Standards Cleaning do the dirty work. Their business is built on the values of: Fair Wages, Honesty Genuine Enthusiasm, Security & Privacy, Professionalism. .

Watch for more news, resource tips and products recommended by Goodbye Clutter! Have something you don’t want to throw into landfill but don’t know what to do with? Ask Goodbye Clutter!

What Clients Say

I hired Elinor Warkentin of Goodbye Clutter to help clean out my parents’ house in Vancouver, after both passed away. There were many items of historical significance, which Elinor’s team treated carefully. The volume of items needing sorting was huge, a daunting task for myself. I could not have accomplished the process without Elinor and her staff. I found Elinor and her staff to be professional, thorough, and mindful of any sentimental items or valuables that our family wanted to keep. I highly recommend Goodbye Clutter!!
– Steven, Consultant

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