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Goodbye Clutter! specializes in clearing the clutter for clients. If we can also de-clutter the environment, we’re even happier. Here are a few of our favourite products, services and people to help you create a greener, cleaner and more organized world.

Moving? Vancouver In The Box offers organized packing services…

  • Vancouver In The box, is a top notch Vancouver company that has helped many of my clients take the stress out of moving by providing a packing crew to pack you all in one day, no matter how large your household. They pack, so you can relax.

Want to reduce car clutter on the road? Try Modo!

  • Join Modo and get your key to 400+ cars, trucks, vans, hybrids…
  • Vancouver’s original car sharing cooperative and the first car-share co-op in North America, Modo is keeping our roads and air cleaner by sharing cars. Fewer cars means less traffic clutter, plus using Modo helps keep my costs down. Goodbye Clutter! has been a member since 2002. Tell them I sent you!
  • Here’s a recent blog I wrote about Modo supporting one of my projects Volunteering With Modo.

Great local non-profits to give your clutter to:

  • The Vancouver Tool Library is a relatively new fave of mine. Donate tools that then become part of the local sharing economy
  • Our Social Fabric accepts fabrics and sewing notions, then has a community sale once a month for crafters and sewing keeners.
  • First United in the DTES has a sock program which supplies socks to street folks. They also are in need of jackets, hats and gloves. Declutter for a cause. Support First United to support our community.
  • Shoes! Some of us love them. Lots of them. Is that you? If you are not gasping at the thought that shoes might be clutter, donate your shoes to an annual public art installation seeking to bring awareness and an end to violence against women – Shoe Memorial. It’s a beautiful public statement Goodbye Clutter has supported for many years.

Easy to use companies who help sell or reduce your clutter:

  • Are you downsizing your estate, or selling your parent’s home and contents? MaxSold may be the best option for you. They make it easy by coming to your home to photograph and catalogue your unwanted items, mount an online auction that you can follow daily, arrange for a two-day viewing window, click their Sold! hammer, arrange pick up, and voila! you’ve just had a modern day online auction, hopefully making you money and reducing your ‘stuff’. I’ve worked with them. They make it easy.
  • Need your home cleaned? How about Cleaning With Love. They specialize in home cleaning, carpet and upholstery, are pet friendly, use organic, natural, lavender-scented products for your good health.
  • Free Geek is the best place for all your old computer equipment. Free Geek has an excellent volunteer program that helps volunteers learn to identify computer parts and furnishes computers for volunteers and non-profits.
  • Planning a trip? Organize your travel plans and pack your suitcase with the help of Andrea Perchotte, a former flight attendant, hotel inspector and cruise line crew member who has criss-crossed the globe for over 20 years. She is a presenter, writer and blogger. Andrea founded Travel Smarts to  offer you carefully selected, quality travel accessories.

Watch for more news, resource tips and products recommended by Goodbye Clutter! Have something you don’t want to throw into landfill but don’t know what to do with? Ask Goodbye Clutter!

What Clients Say

I hired Elinor Warkentin of Goodbye Clutter to help clean out my parents house in Vancouver, as they had both passed away. There were many items of historical significance, which Elinor’s staff treated carefully. Also, the volume of items needing sorting was huge and a daunting task for myself. I could not have accomplished the cleaning and organization of all items without the professional help of someone like Elinor and her staff. I found Elinor and her staff to be professional, thorough, and mindful of any sentimental items or valuables that our family wanted to keep. I would highly recommend Goodbye Clutter for your organizing and assistance for moving your family.
– Steven, Consultant

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