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January 2019: Starting the year with an urge to purge? Global TV invited Goodbye Clutter! back once again.

Here are a few tips on where to donate your clutter: Post Holiday Decluttering

January 2017: Spring is around the corner! Global TV Morning News invited Goodbye Clutter! to talk about Spring Cleaning Your Closet on their January 31st 2017 show:

It’s a challenge to cover a big topic in a four minute segment, but Elinor shared a few valuable Tips for preparing your closet for Spring Cleaning!

January 2017: Goodbye Clutter! featured in Vancouver Sun article: The simple life: Start the new year with a closet clean out and home reorganization

In an interview with Vancouver Sun writer, Aleesha Harris, Elinor shared her views and tips on decluttering the home and New Year’s. Read it here Less is more in so many ways”…

November 2014: Elinor Warkentin awarded POC Ambassador Award!

Previously nominated by her peers in Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) in 2012, Elinor was nominated again in 2014 and subsequently won the 2014 POC Ambassador Award. The award was created to honour a Professional Organizer who “gives back to other organizers, who is involved with his or her chapter and who devotes time and energy volunteering in the local community.” The criteria requires nominees to be a member in good standing of POC, involved in mentoring other organizers, is a current or a past volunteer in their POC Chapter, and contributes their time and energy in the community.  “Elinor is a Gold Leaf member and a Trained Professional Organizer (TPO), who has shown outstanding commitment to POC. She has been active in her local BC Lower Mainland Chapter, has promoted POC through her successful business Goodbye Clutter! and is a trainer for our association promoting education to our membership. Elinor has given her time and energy back to her community, through her ongoing volunteer work with the Women’s Monument and the Vancouver Music Festival.”

November 2013: Gold Status achieved!

POC is Canada’s national association of Professional Organizers. Within the association of 600 members, there are two levels of designation recognizing member’s volunteer efforts within the association and their years in business. “Professional Organizers who have obtained Silver Leaf status, have been members in good standing of POC for at least ten consecutive years, and who have accumulated 100 service points are eligible for Gold Leaf status.” At the 2013 annual POC conference in Toronto, Elinor was awarded her Gold Status certificate and pin. Her volunteer points were accumulated through dedication to her local chapter and for her work with organizing the 2007 POC conference in Vancouver, the first national conference held outside of Toronto. Reviews for the conference included “best ever”, “raised the bar” and “phenomenal”.

February 2013: Heart of Light: turning your clutter into public art

On February 14th, 2013, Goodbye Clutter! created in a V-Day and event, Heart of Light, a heart-shaped installation of candles lit at dusk in the centre of Marker of Change, the Women’s Monument in Thornton Park, Vancouver. Elinor collected unwanted candles from her clients, encouraging them to use the opportunity to de-clutter another corner of your home, the candle corner.

Heart of Light was Elinor’s response to the rising of women in men in India after the brutal and fatal rape of the Indian woman (referred to as BraveHeart) on a bus. When Elinor saw Eve Ensler’s website, she was inspired to act by a powerful video of women rising up in resistance. Elinor’s vision was to bring light to the darkness that is violence against women.

Elinor invited street photographers to post photos of Heart of Light on social media to take the message further. Listen to an interview here:

October 2012: Elinor Warkentin nominated for the POC Ambassador Award

Exciting times! Elinor was one of two runner-ups nominated for a prestigious industry award, the Professional Organizers in Canada Ambassador Award. “The Ambassador award is created to honour an organizer who gives back to other organizers, who is involved with his or her chapter and who devotes time and energy volunteering in the local community.” The criteria requires nominees to be a member in good standing of POC, is involved in mentoring other organizers, currently or has in the past volunteered in their POC Chapter, and contributes his or her time and energy in the community.

More Newsy Bits

Still curious about Professional Organizing? Want to know more about us? Goodbye Clutter! has been featured in various media over the years.

Elinor was interviewed about clutter on the radio show Beautiful Minds, on CFRO Vancouver, on January 16th, 2012. Scroll down to the correct date to listen

Have you got a catch-all room in your home? The one that’s meant to be a home office, guest room, sewing room… but has really become a dumping ground? Read insights and suggestions from Elinor in the April 1st, 2011 article in the Vancouver Sun

Here are Elinor’s insights into the energy of clutter from a spiritual perspective:

An interview by Elinor at a site for Professional Organizers by Maria Gracia.

An avid travel adventurer, Elinor was interviewed by Andrea Perchotte for an online travel website.

Print and TV appearances by Goodbye Clutter! Include:

– Elinor’s very organized 385 square foot home was featured in the My Digs column of Vancouver’s West Ender on December 29th, 2006.
– “Clutter Maven”, a West Ender article featured Goodbye Clutter’s excellent organizing services in February, 2005.
– “Coming into the closet” was all about the “A-Z of careers: C is for Clutter Consultant” in the Vancouver Sun, Careers Section, Saturday, February 7, 2004.
– Elinor was also featured on the CBC Living Vancouver TV show, February 1, 2007, as guest organizer.

What Clients Say

I wasn’t sure what we’d do, but at the end of 3 hours, clutter had been removed and I felt like the world had been lifted from my shoulders.
– Janice, Photographer

I’m always glad to hear that my things have found a home! I finally feel organized and done. It is an amazing feeling to be able to sit here and not have this nagging thought that I “should” be doing something. I can see where I want to make improvements but all cosmetic things I can do over time. For now I feel good and I know I will feel even better when I get a few baskets/bins/trays. Thanks for everything.
– Joanne, Administrator

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