Coaching is intended to assist people with identifying their goals, exploring the barriers to achieving those goals, helping to see options and opportunities, and ideally, supporting you in reaching your goals, or your travel destinations.

Coaches have different styles, skills and experience. I have long had an ability to connect easily with people. That is my foundation. I believe my highest values have grown out of my Mennonite background: to help people, be honest and ethical in all things and work hard. Those values strengthen my foundation.

As I continue on my personal journey, I have added the value of gratitude and living life to the fullest, as an adventure and as an education. I combine my background, experience and values with my fun spirit, coaching with a compassionate, lighthearted and self-reflective style. I utilize my career, life and travel experiences, which are many.

My Travel Coaching sessions can include the above plus help you find travel resources to explore areas you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Together we can get you to your dream destination.

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