No I am not a Travel Agent and I do not offer the services that Travel Agents are trained experts in, but I do know several great Travel Agents that can help you. For most travel arrangements like airfare, cruises, rail tickets, and accommodation, I’ll refer you to a licensed Travel Agent. In my travel experience, there are some travel arrangements that I have found easy to make  online, like purchasing a ticket for the Eiffel Tower a day ahead to avoid line ups, or my June 2014 EasyJet flights from Berlin to Madrid and Lisbon to Bilbao. I’d be happy to share my experiences with you and help you navigate the internet.

I have also made some of my own accommodation arrangements, like hotels fellow travellers have recommended to me along the road, hostels I’ve found while meandering without a firm destination (the most memorable is the beautiful Carbisdale Castle hostel in northern Scotland), and renting a camper van (Happy Camper in Iceland May 2014, what a trip!)

Travel agents have the training to make arrangements for us. I like to utilize their expertise in their areas.

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