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I grew up at my Grandfather’s knee, listening to stories from other countries, worlds that seemed far away. Then I watched my uncle and older brothers explore continents. By the time I was a teenager in the 1970’s, I was itching to go places. I hitchhiked to many parts of Canada from my hometown in Manitoba, I joined Canada World Youth and was part of a six-month exchange to Sri Lanka. Then there were years of motorcycle trips in Canada and the USA.

Since my 30’s, I’ve backpacked and traveled to South America, and Europe many times. Europe is my area of expertise and my favourite destination. I speak some German and Low-German, which helps in Germany and beyond.

Below is a list of the 23 countries I’ve visited.

The Americas Europe Asia
Argentina 1992 Scotland 1996 1997 1999-2000 2011 Sri Lanka 1980-1981
Chile 1992 England 1999-2000 2005 2006 2013 2016
Cuba 2004 Wales 2000
USA Lots Germany 2000 2007 2014
Switzerland 2000
Italy 2000
France 2000 2005 2013 2015
Czech Republic 2000
Austria 2000
Netherlands 2005 2008 2014 2017
Belgium 2005 2008 2013 2017
Iceland 2009 2014 2014 2017
Luxembourg 2008
Denmark 2010
Sweden 2010
Spain 2014
  Portugal 2014

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