People are disorganized for different reasons. In some cases, clutter evolves from a lack of organizing skills; sometimes, enough time just doesn’t seem to be available for organizing; and there are times when life’s transitions, such as a baby, come along to change completely the way time is used in a home. Businesses can grow quickly, accidents happen to affect one’s health, or a death occurs in the family. All these factors can result in usually organized people finding themselves facing clutter and chaos they just don’t feel capable of handling. A high-level business coach explained the value he received: “I’m a pretty organized guy, but in the first 10 minutes of your assistance, I recognized I had already learned something valuable that I never would have thought of.“

I love working with organized people: they usually know what they want and the principles of organizing. That can make it easier.

I love working with disorganized people: their eyes open up when introduced to something new to them, but clear to me, and they love the results.

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