Any day of the week that ends in y? 🙂

Or any of these times are good too, when you are:

  • Just before New Year’s Eve, and just after New Year’s Day is a great time for physical and holistic cleansing: out with the old, make room for the new!
  • Planning a move &/or downsizing.
  • Thinking of listing your property for sale.
  • Planning a renovation and want your marriage to stay intact.
  • Before Christmas for holiday preparations.
  • After Christmas for seasonal clean-up.
  • Valentine’s Day (to make room for romance or organize a romantic date).
  • The day before April Fool’s Day (to really stun the husband/wife).
  • Then seasons change, like spring to summer and fall to winter.
  • Before school starts up.
  • When the student clutter bugs are back in school.


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