Chocolate, dark please, organic, fair trade, delicious…

You might be wondering what connects chocolate to organizing. I can think of a few ways:

~ Years ago when I was learning all about marketing and branding, I decide to include fun and be my authentic self. Chocolate worked it’s way into my brand and there was no looking back.

~ My dream client for organizing is a chocolate factory. Finder’s fee available.

~ According to a survey, a high percentage of women prefer an organized closet to s e x. Chocolate was also ranked higher than s e x by some women. Hmmm, I’ll default to my tagline “Making room for what matters”. A clutter-free bedroom can create space for more frequent and fun nocturnal activities, which could include chocolate.

~ Goodbye Clutter! organized a very successful Vancouver Chocolate Tour. Are you looking for a unique event for a small group, or a romantic date? Call us. We’ll organize with you. We have chocolate connections.

~ I love chocolate and have been known to take partial payment in chocolate.

Grab a chocolate and read on:

A Story about Chocolate Clutter:

A favourite organizing memory of mine involves a client, her kitchen and Christmas. We were de-cluttering her kitchen cupboard post-holidays. One cupboard was overflowing with chocolate truffles. In the aftermath of multiple holiday parties, chocolate gifts, and the ghosts of holiday overindulgence hanging over here, she insisted the truffles were clutter. She thought immediate removal was the best solution and packed a bag of delicious truffles for me. They didn’t even last for my short drive home. Finding a good home for your clutter is important to me, even chocolate clutter.

Celebrating the Season:

In all my years of working with clients, none of them have ever said “I wish I’d received more gifts.” In fact, the opposite is true. More frequently, clients say they don’t know what to do with unwanted gifts. They confess to feeling guilty about donating unwanted gifts to charity, even if they never liked the gift or have no use for the gift. One woman kept a gift she detested for 17 years, prominently displayed on her fireplace mantle, simply because it was from her mother-in-law. I believe that once a gift is received, it is the recipients to do with as they wish, even if that means donating it to a charity, without guilt. Plus, which giver would want to give guilt? So, think twice before buying ‘stuff’ and consider giving consumables or experiences instead, like chocolate or a chocolate tour.

Got chocolate clutter? I can help. Remember, every season is Chocolate Season! And every season is a great season for Spring Cleaning! Call now, whatever the month.

What Clients Say

I think we were all feeling particularly accomplished after this session! Bob wasn’t so impressed with all my ordered clothes and ordered linens, etc as I was, but he was impressed with the laundry room – he doesn’t show a lot of emotion but he had been complaining about the pile-up down there so he must be pleased…I haven’t seem my son’s reaction to the laundry room yet and my daughter isn’t home but I’m sure they will LOVE it! I love that I know where everything is!
– Rose, entrepreneur and mom in a busy household, Burnaby

I’d like to comment on your gentle soothing ways, especially during tight timelines . . . I loved working with you. Thank you, for everything… you truly are an organizer extraordinaire!
– Sally, Publicist

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