From Organizing Frogs, to Spring Cleaning, to Professional Organizer!

An audio introduction to Elinor Warkentin

Elinor Warkentin began organizing at an early age. One of her first projects involved collecting frogs and building castles with moats using her toy tractor in the garden. The moats were an exacting process where her spatial understanding became apparent. Her grade 9 yearbook bio states “Elinor proved she could organize anything from Waterloo to a dogfight.” She grew up in a Mennonite family where order and cleanliness were key. Weekly house cleaning chores were the training ground that reached a yearly crescendo with a spring cleaning ritual involving the whole family. Combine that with a Virgo birth sign, her inherent nature to help others and natural leadership skills and you get one of her motto’s: “Born to organize!

Elinor has been an active member of Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) since 2003. As a Professional Organizer, Elinor assists clients with their homes, offices and lives. It was dust bunnies in a 300-year-old farmhouse in Wales that introduced her to her current career. Since then she has worked with well over 300 clients ranging from actors to lawyers, to professors to philanthropists. From a retired couple to a corporate company of 200+ employees, Elinor has shared her talents throughout the Vancouver area and beyond, to various parts of BC, to Manitoba, New York and the UK. She has worked in homes, offices, schools and taught workshops and classes. Over the years Elinor has developed a keen sense of the energy connected with clutter and the use of space. Elinor has an incredible aptitude for organizing, solving spatial challenges, and setting up tailored systems. She enjoys assisting clients to connect the outer environment with their inner well-being.

Elinor believes in supporting her community. She shares her business profits, her time and her talent with community organizations, events and other small businesses. Elinor volunteers with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, the Women’s Monument and numerous other local community events. Since 2005, Elinor was served on the Board of Trustees of Women Welcome Women World Wide (5W), an international women’s travel and friendship organization. It is an honour for her to serve such a great organization while playing and organizing on a global scale.

In 2014, Elinor was awarded POC’s annual Ambassador Award, for her work within POC and in her communities.

Elinor is a Professional Organizer and Clutter Consultant, though she prefers the titles Adventure Goddess and Cosmic Travel Agent.

What Clients Say

Money well spent
– Shari, tenant planning a move, West Vancouver

Thank you so much for helping us move our office to a new location. You saved us a lot of time and money. You were very well organized. Your estimates about the time it would take and the supplies that would be needed were very accurate. We needed exactly the number of boxes you had calculated and the truck was unloaded and we went to lunch exactly as planned. My staff commented on your leadership skills. You created trust in everyone and as you noticed, we all gladly followed your directions. We didn’t need to worry about a thing. And as you saw today when you came for a visit, our new office looks totally clutter-free and well organized.
– Aila Karpio, Business Owner Spets Destination Services Ltd.

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